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Bitcoin is the gift that keeps on giving. Ever since 2017, it's done nothing but grow and grow in value and popularity. These days, there's not a single serious investor on the planet that doesn't have money in it.

Even those against Bitcoin four years ago have begun to move some serious cash into the market. What does that mean for you, though? It means that you have the opportunity of a lifetime in front of you. Despite how well Bitcoin has been doing in recent months, it's far from being finished. As time goes on, it's only going to be worth more and more, so the sooner you invest, the better.

Investing in Bitcoin isn't as easy as you might think, though. All of the major crypto brokers do very little to simplify the beginners' trading process, so we've seized that opportunity instead. Crypto GPS offers the definitive Bitcoin trading experience for beginners to crypto. Everything about our platform has been designed with your experience level in mind.

From the UI to the terminology we use, we want to make the market simple for you to understand. The Crypto GPS team worked around the clock for over two years to get the program up and running, so you know that our hearts and souls have gone into making it. Signing up with Crypto GPS is a quick and easy process. Spend five minutes filling out our signup sheet, confirm your email, make a deposit, and you can start trading instantly. There are no ID verification barriers to get around with us. What are you waiting for? The longer you wait, the more value you lose, so sign up with Crypto GPS today.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the single biggest cryptocurrency in the world. It's a digital form of completely decentralized money, meaning there are no parties capable of controlling it.

For every other typical currency in the world, it's either managed by a bank or by a government, sometimes both. Bitcoin, on the other hand, works on a decentralized network of servers that have an automated creation process. This means that there is no big brother out there capable of seeing what you're doing and when you're doing it.

All of your transactions with Bitcoin are anonymous, protecting your identity and keeping your data away from prying eyes. That's what Bitcoin is in its purest form. While there's enough data on the coin to write several encyclopedias, that's all you need to know in order to trade it effectively on Crypto GPS.

Why Bitcoin?

We've chosen to build Crypto GPS around Bitcoin instead of the other cryptocurrencies out there for one reason: accessibility. Bitcoin is simpler, more well-known, and far more accessible than every other coin out there.

All of the cryptos that shot off from Bitcoin have been technical in nature. While this is great if you know about that sort of financial technology, it isn't if you don't.

Beginner traders aren't interested in reading an elaborate white paper, and even if they are, they aren't going to understand it.

With Bitcoin, there's none of that complication. It's still a massively technical currency, but its size and popularity mean that you don't need to understand it to trade it.

That's why we've chosen Bitcoin. It gives you the easiest route into the cryptocurrency world and presents the greatest opportunity for your investments to grow.

Where Bitcoin is Going

Bitcoin is like the rising sun coming up over the hill after a dark 2020. It's going to lead the global economy into a new golden age, and that's anything but an exaggeration.

As a result of how Bitcoin is managed, which is to say not by humans, it is invulnerable to inflation. This has led to governments and financial institutions all over the globe adapting it for use.

Even the SEC is going to be introducing regulations on it in 2021. This legitimizes the coin and allows it to be used in mainstream life.

That's great for the overall economy, but it's even greater for your portfolio. Those regulations haven't been introduced yet. However, when they are, you can expect the price of Bitcoin to go crazy. It would be best if you aimed to have your money invested before that happens.

Decentralization is King

Bitcoin is the king of the castle for one very simple reason, and that's the aforementioned decentralization.

By being decentralized, Bitcoin operates as an independent currency. A currency that doesn't have a method of production controlled by anyone. Sound familiar? It should because that's exactly what gold is.

To this day, gold is the backing power for a lot of the world's major economies. However, it's outdated. Bitcoin is everything gold is, except better. It's more secure, faster, and significantly easier to store. You actually get your hands on your units when you buy them as well, unlike gold.

People own more gold than there is actual gold in the world, thanks to how it's stored. This isn't a problem with Bitcoin, eliminating one of the biggest concerns with using gold as a solution to the world's current inflation crisis.

This makes Bitcoin a digital equivalent to gold, and a shift towards Bitcoin means a return to a gold-like powered economy.

This is great for everyone, not just those invested in cryptocurrency. It means that economies are going to become more stable, secure, and far less prone to collapse. You're going to benefit either way, but to truly take advantage of what Bitcoin is bringing to the table, you need to be invested in it. Crypto GPS makes that easy. You don't need to know anything about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, economics, or financial technology to trade. All you need is enough for your first deposit and the drive to make your account. We take care of all the hard work that you need to do, so you have no excuse not to start trading today.

Crypto GPS is the Key

We aim to make Crypto GPS the key to unlocking your future with Bitcoin. Try to think of us as a steppingstone into that future.

While time pressure is something we don't want you to focus on, it does exist. Every passing second takes away from your chances to get involved before it's too late.

It might not be today or tomorrow, but soon regulations are going to be implemented, and the ship is going to said. Crypto GPS is your ticket onto that ship.

How to Trade with Crypto GPS

Trading with Crypto GPS is easy. We wanted to give as many people as possible the opportunity to use our platform, so we got rid of as many hurdles as we could.

Signing up with Crypto GPS has been streamlined compared to other Bitcoin trading sites. With most brokers, there is a long and elaborate signup procedure that can often take hours. You need to verify not only your email and phone number but your identity, too. You give them a picture of your passport, as well as one of you holding it to verify that it's yours.

We do away with that whole ordeal, not just to be more accessible but so that your data is protected. We value your anonymity, so we don't want you sharing information like that with us. What we do ask you for, though, is an email and phone number so that we can secure and verify your account. Rather than spending hours waiting, our automated system gets you ready to go in five minutes.

Once that's done, all you have to do is make your first deposit. We have a minimum deposit limit of $250 here at Crypto GPS. We chose this number because it's high enough to give you a solid base to trade from but not so high that it limits the number of people that can trade with us.

How long it takes for your funds to reach your account is out of our hands, unfortunately. Depending on what method you're using, what bank the funds are with, and the time of day you make your deposit, it could take minutes or hours for the transaction to go through. That being said, we do our best to make sure everything on our end is done as quickly as possible. Once your funds do reach your account, you're ready to start trading. All you have to do is set up your trading parameters, and our system does the rest. You don't even need to execute your trades manually.

Bitcoin FAQs

Given that we've dedicated Crypto GPS to beginner traders, we feel like it's only right for us to add in this FAQ section for you to have a read of.

We answer some of the more common questions new crypto traders have, so if there's something that you're unsure of, chances are it's down here.

You keep mentioning inflation; what is that?

Inflation is the name given to the economic phenomenon of a currency losing value every year. 

A single dollar is never going to begin growing in value; it's always going to fall. Think back to the late 90s; one dollar went a lot further than it did now. While the average wage has climbed with the depreciation of value, it's not been to the same extent.

How does inflation work?

Inflation happens because of supply. Supply and demand is a very basic economic principle. The more of something there is, the less it's worth. As more dollars get printed every year, it's only ever going to be worth less.

The US, as well as the other major countries around the world, keep printing money in an effort to pay off the national debt. That doesn't work, though, as you're getting a short-term advantage for disastrous long-term consequences.

How is Bitcoin created?

If inflation comes about because more money can be printed, it's logical that Bitcoin is the exact opposite. More of it can't be printed on demand. Instead, the network periodically pays the people that freelance, keeping it operational with new Bitcoin. 

The thing about that is as more time passes, the rate of production here continues to half until it eventually stops altogether.

Bitcoin is going to stop altogether?

Yes, Bitcoin is a finite resource. When you think about it, it's only logical that a resource is finite. How can anyone expect something like the dollar to hold value when it's infinite. Gold is finite and still powers the dollar, which tells you everything you need to know about why it's important.

It comes back down to supply and demand, again. The supply of Bitcoin is extremely limited, making it worth more.

You don't need to worry about this aspect of Bitcoin, though. While it's important for the coin's value and utility, it doesn't change how you trade it. Bitcoin isn't going to stop being produced for another 120 years or so, so it's way off in the future.

Should I buy Bitcoin to save?

Using Bitcoin as a vehicle to save is a good idea so long as you aren't putting too much into it.

No matter how positive we, and the rest of the world, are on Bitcoin, it's still a risky investment.

It's volatile, if nothing else, so you could see your life savings vanish in the blink of an eye.

Never trade more than you can afford to lose, so don't go moving your bank account into it. That being said, putting $50 per week into Bitcoin to save is a great way to build up your portfolio and get your money invested in a safe and controlled manner.

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